Medical Marketing Freshman is the classroom for all of those who want to start their own freelance businesses in medical writing or medical content marketing. The content on this website is created specifically for those without a background in journalism, marketing, or even healthcare, but who want to learn more. I lovingly call these people “Freshman” and I am one of them as well.

My Story

Professionally, I had not been happy with my career as a pharmacist for quite some time. I was content being where I was for the pay, decent hours, and benefits, but I was not being intellectually or spiritually fulfilled. I had other career paths within my profession, but honestly, none of them excited me enough to make a change.

It all started with the birth of my daughter. After she was born, I instantly knew that just “getting by” was not going to do it anymore. I wanted to inspire and motivate her to follow her dreams and passions and I could not do that while just working for a paycheck.

Obligatory, AWWW moment below:

Maci and Me

How This All Began

Around the time of my daughters birth I had stumbled upon medical writing. I began working on freelancing sites for CHEAP to start building a portfolio and to see if I enjoyed the work. I was hooked! I began researching the profession more and sending out more proposals for work. After proving to my wife that people WILL actually pay me for the work, I decided to try to start building my own freelance medical marketing business.

Why You Need Me

This website follows the start of my medical content marketing business. I will be the test subject and you will get the luxury not to have to make the costly, dumb, or silly mistakes that I do.

This place is also a community for sharing. I want to hear what you have done. What has worked? What hasn’t? We will share stories and advice that can help each of our businesses’ grow and allow us to share in the exciting, and sometimes frustrating, task of branching out on our own.

Most of us are just beginning. We are the newbies, the amateurs, the “Freshman.” Don’t hesitate any longer to build your own dream job. Trust me, If I can do it, so can you!

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